I don’t post on this blog very often. Most of the thoughts that I have are kept to myself or are easily conveyable through a microblogging platform (on either Twitter or Mastodon) that I don’t need to post anything on here. That’s left my blog fairly vacant.

I’ve had a few ideas for posts, but procrastination and a doubt about the idea’s worth spring up as obstacles. A case in point is a post about TheFinnishBolshevik’s video about the Kronstadt Mutiny. I’d get distracted by other responsibilities and simple fun distractions (I watched all of Deep Space Nine this year). Secondly, I realized that my argument is so damn simple and obvious that even a self-deluded Marxist-Leninist should be able to see it if they give themselves a moment’s doubt. I doubted that I needed to write anything for two reasons:

  1. I don’t have much of an audience, and the audience that I do have wouldn’t be swayed by the post.

  2. The material I’d critique is a YouTube video, and the most appropriate medium for a critique would be a YouTube video rather than a blog post.

The first point shouldn’t be important (although maybe it should be) but the second point does bother me. At first I figured that it wouldn’t be that important but if there’s any reason (besides the obvious) that the goal of the post (to demonstrate that TheFinnishBolshevik’s entire point was fallacious from its departure and that he disingenuously portrayed the mutineers) would be obstructed it’s this. The target audience for the piece would be on YouTube, TheFinnishBolshevik’s audience. The effort to access that audience (beyond becoming a youtuber) would be prohibitive.

Unfortunately, I really don’t feel like doing any of that YouTuber shit. I’m not equipped for it and my skills with video are extremely rusty and were honestly shoddy at the start. I also wouldn’t want to participate in the weird zoo that is the YouTuber community. That said I want to impress that I really enjoy a few youtubers (especially Zoe Baker and Xexizy).

Regardless of that, I may still upload the Kronstadt post because, well, I wrote it, didn’t I…

It bothers me that I have left this blog so vacant. When I set the blog up I had decided that I wouldn’t try to make a kind of quota. My idea for the blog was that I would use it to publish any of my thoughts that exceeded the boundaries of a twitter/mastodon thread (although, most of these shorter posts with fewer than 5000 characters could fit into one post on one of my older accounts on my friend’s defunct Pleroma instance). I didn’t plan on having regular posts because or anything like that. I didn’t want the blog to become a burden on my mind and a drain on my energy. That said, I also wanted to have the blog be more lively. Whenever I remember this blog I regret that I haven’t written more for it.

This post, I suppose, is something of a resolution. Maybe it’s an early new year’s resolution. I’m not going to set myself to some kind of release schedule. I’m only expanding the original intention of an incidental outlet for my political (and tangential) thoughts to something more. Rather than an incidental outlet this blog will be something to which I will devote at least some of my attention to (maybe at some point we could call it an intentional outlet).

For 2022 I’ll try to make this blog more active and a little more variegated. Maybe I will have to make some kind of scheduled posting to keep it active. I’ve also been thinking of utilizing the site to help curate the ebooks that I make, but that is its own can of worms. So expect your aggregators to alert you to my next post (which is how I imagine anyone would learn about my updates).